Posted: April 19th, 2017

What is the proper terminology for the “heel bone”? For the “collar bone”?

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Module 06 Lab Worksheet:  Skeletal System, Skeletal Muscle, Joint Dissection- Review

Pre-Lab Evaluation Questions


  1. In the anatomical position of a human:
    1. What are the two forearm bones?  Make sure you list which one is medial and lateral.


The two forearm bones are the ulna and the radius. The radius is on the lateral


side of the arm, while the ulna is medial.


  1. What is the proper terminology for the “heel bone”?  For the “collar bone”?


The proper term for the “heel bone” is calcaneus. The proper name for the “collar


bone” is clavicle.


  1. Describe the bones and bony landmarks that compose the hip joint? 


The hip is an irregular shaped bone consisting of three bones which are fused


together. These bones are the ilium, pubis, and ischium. It has one joint which is


called the sacroiliac joint. This joint articulates with the sacrum and ilium.


The anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) is an important landmark of surface


anatomy. It refers to the anterior extremity of the iliac crest of the pelvis, which


provides attachment for the inguinal ligaments, and sartorius muscle.


The anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) is a bony eminence on the anterior border


of the hip bone, or, more precisely, the wing of the ilium.


The highest and largest of the 3 bones which comprise the pelvis is the ilium. As


the crest reaches the anterior portion, it alters into the anterior superior iliac spine.


Just below this rests the anterior and inferior iliac spine. As the posterior portion


of the iliac crest terminates it forms the posterior superior iliac spine. Just below


this the greater sciatic notch provides passage for the sciatic nerve.


The greater trochanter sits on the lateral aspect of the femur. It is a big bony


prominence that has many muscle attachments that include the piriformis, vastus


laetralis, gluteus minimus, gluteus maximas, and trochanteric fossa.


The ischal tuberosity is divided into two portions: a lower, ro

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