Posted: March 24th, 2021

3 Best Reasons why a patient education resource is important, and how this falls in line with CLAS standards.

Patient Education Resource

Your presentation must include much of the same information as your proposal:

An introduction and needs analysis that describes the health literacy problem, why a patient education resource is necessary, and how this falls in line with CLAS standards.

A discussion that describes what you would like to do and how it should be accomplished.

‘Your identified patient educational resource and description of modifications to address your chosen communication barriers (this should incorporate the content you created and revised based on the Patient Education assignment)

Your conclusion and recommendations for next steps.

HINT: Your goal is to convince us this is a real video to your manager or CEO.

Look up some online presentations by CEOs online and see how they do it.

You do not necessarily have to get dressed up for this, but the more convincing you are and the more effort you put into it, the better the grade.

patient education resource
Mature Caucasian female medical professional standing with hospital coworkers dressed in varying degrees of protective wear.

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