Posted: November 14th, 2016

Obtain approval from your instructor for the chronic health issue.

Week 2 Learning Team Health Promotion Project Outline Decide, as a Learning Team, on a chronic health issue that affects the aging population. Begin to think about a health promotion program that would positively affect an older person with this specific health problem. As a team, you must present your idea to the class in Week Five. Obtain approval from your instructor for the chronic health issue. Prepare a detailed outline that identifies a chronic health issue affecting the aging population, as well as the health promotion program your team will design to address that issue. In addition, prepare a reference list with at least three sources of information. Include the following elements in your outline: · Possible health promotion idea · Demographics of clientele · Overview of a chronic health issue, including prevalence and effect on client Refer to the Health Promotion Project Outline on the student website for more information. Submit the Health Promotion Project Outline.

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