Posted: February 19th, 2018

The cultural needs of the client : The 3 Best Ways to Be Culturally Sensitive

Which activity would not be expected by the nurse to meet the cultural needs of the client?

A. Promote and support attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, and skills to respectfully meet client’s cultural needs despite the nurse’s own beliefs and practices
B. Ensure that the interpreter understands not only the language of the client but feelings and attitudes behind cultural practices to make sure an ethical balance can be achieved
C. Develop structure and process for meeting cultural needs on a regular basis and means to avoid overlooking these needs with clients
D. Expect the family to keep an interpreter present at all times to assist in meeting the communication needs all day and night while hospitalized

cultural needs
Group young people wearing face mask for preventing corona virus outbreak – Millennial friends with different age and culture portrait – Coronavirus disease and youth multi ethnic concept

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