Posted: November 22nd, 2016

What needs to be communicated with the patient?

The physician has requested that Diego Lupez have a MRI for his right shoulder due to persist pain, limited Range of Motion, weakness and some numbness in the fingertips. The insurance company has denied your request for the MRI due to lack of documentation. This assignment requires you to complete a: Letter to a third-party insurance carrier requesting an appeal for the decision made to deny Mr. Lupez’s MRI. This letter must be professional in language and format, making sure you create a letter in either modified block or block format. Documentation in the patient’s chart for the physician so they are aware of the denial. Discussion of the steps needed in order to comply with the PPO plan. What needs to be communicated with the patient? Also, what needs to communicated to the physician who is ordering the study? These need to be in an essay (approximately 200 words) submitted in APA format. You must use electronic libraries/databases and present two peer-reviewed or scholarly articles as reference for you essay.

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