Posted: April 28th, 2017

.Name three stains or reagents that may be used to facilitate the microscopic detection of fungi in clinical samples.

Exercise4: Somemetabolicactivitiesofbacteria


1.Whatis thecolorof phenolredatanacidpH?


2.Whatis thefunctionofaDurhamtube?




4.Howisindoleproducedin SIMmedium?Howis itdetected?


5.Howis hydrogensulfidedemonstratedinthismedium?


Exercise 5: Fungi, yeasts and molds


1.Whatis theadvantageof viewingmoldstructuresinatransparenttapepreparation?


2.Whatfunguscanbe identifiedreliablybyusingthegermtubetest?





4.Whatis themainadvantageof usingtheslideculturetechniqueforidentifyingmolds?


5.Whatis anopportunisticpathogen?Namethreefungalspecimens.


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