Posted: January 26th, 2018

Metastatic cancer of the ovary : 3 Best Ways to Reassure the Client After Diagnosis

A 40-year-old divorced mother of four school-age children is hospitalized with metastatic cancer of the ovary.

The nurse finds the patient crying, and she tells the nurse that she does not know what will happen to her children when she dies. The most appropriate response by the nurse is

A. “Why don’t we talk about the options you have for the care of your children?”
B. “Many patients with cancer live for a long time, so there is time to plan for your children.”
C. “For now you need to concentrate on getting well, not worry about your children.”
D. “Perhaps your ex-husband will take the children when you can’t care for them.”

Metastatic cancer of the ovary

metastatic cancer of the ovary
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