Posted: November 22nd, 2016

How many calories do you need daily

FCS10 – Weight Control 1. You can determine your daily energy needs from a variety of sources. You can use the super tracker website, by going to the weight manager function under the My Features tab pictured below. Input your height and weight for an estimation of your calorie needs. Here is another daily energy calculator from the Center for science in the public interest. How many calories do you need daily? My estimated daily calorie needs are _________________________. 2.Basal metabolic needs are the calories your body requires for all its unconscious functions, including replacing cells, maintaining body temperature, digestion etc. What percentage of your day’s calories is for basal metabolic activity? Calculate your BMR at the following website: % Total calories from Basal needs = BMR divided by total calorie need (calories #2 divided by calories #1) times 100= ___________%. 3. Evaluate your body mass index by using the tables on page 287 in the textbook. Is your weight in a healthy range? ________________ Are you surprised by the large number of calories your body needs at complete rest? Anything else interesting to you?

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