Posted: February 27th, 2018

Left adrenalectomy. He is sleepy but easily aroused : 5 Important Facts

Mr. Bates is admitted to the surgical ICU following a left adrenalectomy.

He is sleepy but easily aroused. An IV containing hydrocortisone is running. The nurse planning care for Mr. Bates knows it is essential to include which of the following nursing interventions at this time?

A. Monitor blood glucose levels every shift to detect development of hypo- or hyperglycemia.
B. Keep flat on back with minimal movement to reduce risk of hemorrhage following surgery.
C. Administer hydrocortisone until vital signs stabilize, then discontinue the IV.
D. Teach Mr. Bates how to care for his wound since he is at high risk for developing postoperative infection.

left adrenalectomy

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