Posted: November 19th, 2016

Is there any hope for Greg?

Greg is a 19 year basketball player at a division 1 school. Greg has great ball handling skills, but his coach is concerned because he’s too ‘scrawny’ and is going to get pushed around the court. Greg is 76” and 185lb (BMI 22.5). Greg comes to see you for help with his nutrition. He insists that he eats all day, but he is just a ‘hard-gainer.’ Is there any hope for Greg? B-fast -2 cups corn flakes -1 cup skim milk Snack -Cliff builder bar Lunch – 2 cups pasta – 1 cup marinara sauce – 1 cup skim milk Snack -8oz low-fat yogurt Dinner – 2 pieces fried chicken – 2 biscuits

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