Posted: January 26th, 2018

Internal radiation implant : How to Care for the Patient in 3 Easy Ways

Nurse Joy is caring for a client with an internal radiation implant.

When caring for the client, the nurse should observe which of the following principles?

A. Limit the time with the client to 1 hour per shift
B. Do not allow pregnant women into the client’s room
C. Remove the dosimeter badge when entering the client’s room
D. Individuals younger than 16 years old may be allowed to go in the room as long as they are 6 feet away from the client

internal radiation implant
Abdominal CT scan image on computer monitor in radiology clinic. A radiologist wearing a blue hazmat protective suit, protective face mast, eyeglasses and gloves is seen at the end of bright corridor. Shot with a full frame mirrorless camera.

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