Posted: May 9th, 2021

Sexual repression – 3 Important Facts No One Talks About

Sexual Repression

Assignment SOC 3019 You are required to SELECT TWO of the following questions .

Please note you are not permitted to use the same material in both answers – should you do so this could very likely result in a Fail being recorded. You have approximately 1000 words for each essay.

1. Critically evaluate the assertion that modern societies bring about increased sexual repression.

2. Critically evaluate the idea that sexual identity is socially constructed.

3. Pornography is simply harmless fun. Discuss.4. Evaluate the contention that men still hold a sense of sexual entitlement over women.

5. Outline and evaluate sexual education in UK schools6. Critically evaluate the different perspectives on fat embodiment.

7. Both male and female bodies are equally key site of self- surveillance consumption and objectification. Critically evaluate this assertion.

sexual repression

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