Posted: November 22nd, 2016

Discuss the barriers to implementation that is faced by this CEO. How did the CEO in this video overcome these barriers?

Unit VII Research Paper The purpose of this assignment is to provide you a glimpse into real issues that are faced by Health Care Administrators. In this assignment, you are encouraged to gather more information about your organization and an issue that the organization is trying to overcome (see suggested topics). This assignment will also afford you the opportunity to connect via email or by phone with a professional working in a career that interests you. I.Choose a topic in Health Care Administration. Contact a local health care organization and ask if you could interview a manager or administrator. When contacting the organization, identify yourself as a student in Columbia Southern University’s MBA program. Briefly describe your objective when interviewing the manager. Let your interviewee know that you will keep all identifying details (such as his/her name and the name of the organization) confidential. You will need to report the type of organization and the title of the person in which you interviewed. Topics to consider include: · Outsourcing · Employee shortage · Conflict resolution · Regulatory Issues · Privacy and Security Health Information Technology · Leadership · Employee Morale · Alliances · Quality Improvement Initiatives · Employee Motivation · Globalization · You should be sure to ask for background information on your selected topic, detailed notes on how the organization is approaching the issue, what has been done so far, and how it has helped. Also ask what is the next plan of action and how is it perceived to help the organization. Complete this section by Unit II. II. Review relevant literature on your chosen topic and provide an annotated bibliography. Include at least 15 sources in your bibliography. Complete this section by Unit III III. Write about your organization’s history, mission, vision, culture, and structure. Complete this section by Unit IV. IV. In Unit III, you completed an annotated bibliography in which you provided a summary for 15 journal articles on your chosen research topic. Here, you will write an eight page literature review on your topic. The review should be a synthesis of information that you learned from reading the articles. The review should be written in your own words and include in-text citations as appropriate. Refer to the literature review rubric for guidelines. Complete this section by Unit V V. Discuss how a problem facing the organization impacts your organization. Discuss how your topic of choice (a problem facing the organization) impacts your organization. Discuss how the organization is dealing with this problem. Discuss your recommendations for this organization. Your discussion should be at least three pages in length. Be sure to back your recommendations with research. The complete assignment is due by Unit VII. Unit VII Discussion Board Visit the YouTube website and search for the video titled, “Overcoming EHR Implementation Barriers: A CEO’s Story.” Discuss the barriers to implementation that is faced by this CEO. How did the CEO in this video overcome these barriers? How did this CEO gain buy-in and communicate with his staff? As a CEO of a similar organization, what might you have done to gain-buy in from your staff?

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