Posted: April 21st, 2017

Which group (s) of people in our society likely need supplements to meet their nutritional needs? * Can supplements be dangerous? Explain.

For Unit 4 the discussion board is related to water, minerals and fitness.  Remember that for any information you use to answer these questions- please list your source(s) at the end of your post.  Also, remember to comment on a classmates post as well.

For this post, you have a choice of 4 questions to address ( to include any that may be directed specifically to your major area of study)-   You can address these questions “briefly”; however, be as thorough as possible.

For this discussion board-  Pick 4 questions to answer  – (if any of these seem specific to your major field of study please include these as part of your question choices)

*Daily recommendations for water (in general) and how this would be determined if you are an athlete

* Is there such thing as drinking “too much water”   If so, what is this condition called and what may it lead to?

* How are minerals different from the other nutrients?   Pick 2 minerals to focus on and answer:    Is there a condition identified related to a deficiency of this mineral?  Is so, what  is the condition?   Is this mineral stored in the body?  If so, where?

*Identify the top 3 minerals that constitute the majority of the mineral deficiencies seen mostly in our society. List at least 2 food sources to eat in an attempt to obtain these minerals naturally.

*What are the Daily fitness recommendations?  Please list the types of activities recommended, the recommended frequency, intensity, and duration for each, and some examples of activities that one could do to reach these goals.

* Will vitamin and mineral supplements give you energy? Explain.

* Should everyone take a vitamin/mineral supplement to make sure they are getting what they need? Yes or No.  Explain your answer.

* Which group (s) of people in our society likely need supplements to meet their nutritional needs?

* Can supplements be dangerous?  Explain.

* Are supplements regulated?  If so, by whom?   How do you know for sure that these are safe?

* How does intense exercise impact your nutrient needs?  Explain

* List 10 benefits of Exercise

Remember, for this discussion board you only have to pick 4 of these questions to answer and discuss. Also, be sure to list the source(s) of your information at the bottom of your post!


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