Posted: November 14th, 2016

Which of the following types of studies is considered a qualitative study? •

A research question is appropriate for the correlational level of research design. • Question 2 Which of the following types of studies is considered a qualitative study? • Question 3 To be considered researchable, a problem • Question 4 A researcher describes a study as a descriptive study. Which of the following would typically be part of the research methodology for the study? • Question 5 Which of the following would be considered a demographic variable? • Question 6 Identify the independent variable in the following hypothesis: “Cancer patients who receive music therapy complain less frequently of pain and require less pain medication than cancer patients not receiving music therapy.” • Question 7 A friend asks you to explain the difference between a conceptual definition and an operational definition of anxiety. You help her to understand these concepts by providing her with the following operational definition of anxiety. • Question 8 A research hypothesis: • Question 9 Subjects who volunteered to receive an experimental treatment for pancreatic cancer are educated about essential study information, assessed for understanding of this information, and asked to willingly participate in the research study. This process is referred to as: • Question 10 The purpose of an institutional review board (IRB) is to: • Question 11 Which of the following study designs focuses on finding a cause and effect relationship among variables, but uses a lower level of control? • Question 12 One example of a research population with diminished autonomy (vulnerability) would be: • Question 13 Common practice for in-text citations for a single author using APA style includes: • Question 14 In APA format, which one of these statements is not true about the references page: • Question 15 Which of the following questions is important to ask when determining the significance of the research problem? • Question 16 If a researcher wants to understand what it is like to undergo chemotherapy from the patient’s perspective of their lived experience, the study design is: • Question 17 Which of the following is a necessary requirement for experimental designs? • Question 18 In the purpose statement, the researcher should state the • Question 19 Which of the following would be considered to be a research hypothesis? • Question 20 One of the main purposes of conducting a review of the literature before carrying out a research project is to • Question 21 A questionnaire has an ID number in one corner that allows the research team to identify the subject. This is an example of: • Question 22 The concept of causality would be important in which of the following research designs? • Question 23 What is the dependent variable in the following hypothesis? The presence of social support from family affects the pain perception of patients with spinal cord injury while in the hospital. • Question 24 A conceptual definition of a variable is one that is . • Question 25 All of these statements describe the purpose of a research framework EXCEPT

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