Posted: November 16th, 2016

What factors place teen mothers at risk?

Teen Case Study Tina is 16 years old and pregnant. She comes with her mother to see the dietitian at the Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Tina is 4 months pregnant and has gained 20 pounds since she became pregnant. She was a little heavy before she became pregnant. She does not smoke, but her mother does. Tina saw a physician for the first time last week. She has a prescription for prenatal vitamins but has not filled it yet. Tina says she has not felt sick at all. In fact, her mother reports that Tina is eating more than usual based on the amount of chips and snack foods they are going through. Tina is home for summer break, and she cooks for herself while her mother is at work during the day. During the visit, Tina does not say much. Her mother does most of the talking. A brief diet history indicates the following: 10 am: 2 doughnuts Cola Noon: Hot dog, bologna sandwich, or fried chicken meal Potato chips Cola pm snack: More chips or cookies Cola (usually a couple through the afternoon) Dinner: Meat or chicken Small salad A vegetable Iced tea Snack: Ice cream Questions for Teen Case Study a. What factors place teen mothers at risk? Are any of these factors present in the case study description? b. Looking at the case study, what is Tina’s biggest nutritional concern? c. Use the diet history to evaluate Tina’s diet. What nutrients does she currently consume in inadequate amounts? Will the vitamin supplement make up for the quality of her diet? d. Assess Tina’s weight gain. How much weight should she gain for the entire pregnancy? Approximately how much should she have gained after 4 months? What recommendations could be given regarding Tina’s weight? e. Does the secondhand smoke have any effect on Tina or the fetus? If yes, what are the possible effects?

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