Posted: December 18th, 2016

What causes and factors contributed to the health disparity?

Directions: For this assignment, you will select and critique one article from a popular media source (e.g., newspaper, magazine, news journal, etc.) that provides information regarding a health disparity within a population group and complete the questions below. Please make sure to use complete sentences when answering each question. Make sure the health disparity is different from your research assignment. In addition, the article must have been published within the last 2 years. 1) Provide the article reference and link. (1point) 2) What health disparity is the article highlighting? (1point) 3) Why is this information newsworthy? How would it benefit the public health community? (3 points) 4) What causes and factors contributed to the health disparity? (2 points) 5) How does the health disparity affect health outcomes? (3 points) 6) Does the article make any recommendations or suggest resources that could benefit the public? If not, what suggestions or recommendations would you suggest? (2 points) 7) Was the article well-written? Justify your rationale? (3 points) 8) Did it include all pertinent information? Justify your rationale? (2 points) 9) Was there information or a perspective that the article should have included? If so, what? What else would you have like to have seen? (3 points) Score calculation: Total earned / 20 x 10 =

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