Posted: April 26th, 2017

explain Smith’s aggressive behaviors towards subordinates and other managers at the Cedar District Hospital

Cedar District Metropolitan Hospital is currently experiencing the problem of aggressive and counterproductive behavior by its workers. The CEO in-charge of the accounts department is abusive and aggressive towards employees and fellow managers. The organization is unable to terminate her employment since her services in the finance department are highly required because the organization is currently facing a financial crisis. The CEO’s continued behavior is threatening to trigger counterproductive behaviors by her targets and witnesses of her verbal abuse. Peters is in-charge of the materials department and has managed to cut costs effectively, thus, has been considered one of the resourceful employees of the company. She has been receiving personal aggression from her boss Smith, and she is unhappy about it. Therefore, the company operations and employee morale is in jeopardy.



You are required to use theories and models of counterproductive behavior to analyze the situation. Identify the potential effects of the behavior and suggest recommendations to the management on the most appropriate prevention techniques and management of the problem. You response should include the following elements:

  1. Use theories and models of aggression and counterproductive behavior to explain Smith’s aggressive behaviors towards subordinates and other managers at the Cedar District Hospital.
  2. Effects of Smith’s aggressive behavior on the workplace and the organization as a whole
  3. The validity of Peter’s concerns about the repercussions of Smith’s behavior

4-5. Recommendations on prevention and management of aggressive and counterproductive behavior at Cedar District Hospital

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