Posted: November 16th, 2020

dispute resolution and related clauses within the context of oil and gas contracts : 5 Critical Discussions

1.   Oil and gas contracts represent a balancingact between national oil companies and private international partners.Critically discuss, providing examples of the experience of one country. Thismay focus on a JOA, or a PSC or some other type of contract approved by the Convenor.

Dispute Resolution in the Oil and Gas Industry

2. FIDIC construction contracts may initially presentsubstantial advantages over individual contracts, but by themselves arein sufficient to deal with project risks. Discuss, citing at least six keyclauses and any changes or modifications you would make to the standard FIDICcontract with respect to an oil pipeline or oil rig.

Dispute resolution : 3. Oil and Gas project finance presents a number ofinterrelated contracts. Critically discuss, especially as to loans and otherkey transactions and relationship to the risk which investors may choose toundertake. 4. Critically discuss dispute resolution and related clauses within the context of oil and gas contracts, specifying what is thebest drafting practice, and where it may be limited by legal and regulatoryconstraints.

5. Critically discuss how sustainability linkedinitiatives can be embedded in project finance deals to reduce the risksassociated with decarbonization. This can focus on either business and humanrights, or the financial and governance aspects.   

dispute resolution
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