Posted: December 17th, 2016

Discuss briefly any logical implications of the journal articles for practical application or future studies

The technical essay is a review paper that synthesizes and interprets work on a particular subject area. In writing your essay, interpret the primary journal article in a series of paragraphs that build on your discussion, giving particular attention to the problem or topic posed in your introduction. In addition, relate your findings to previous observations or experiments from the supplemental references that you have chosen. Discuss briefly any logical implications of the journal articles for practical application or future studies. A good review paper not only synthesizes information; it also provides a critical overview of an important scientific problem. Select one of the following journal articles as your primary reference for the first technical essay (5 pages in length, with at least 3 additional references). You may use Internet sites to read and gain an understanding of the subject area, but WWW references are not permitted for this assignment. This restriction does not include electronically available journal articles, ARTICLE SELECTION Aguzzi, A., B. A. Barres, and M. L. Bennett.2013. Microglia: Scapegoat, Saboteur, or Something Else? Science 339:156-161. Barsh, G. S. 2003.What Controls Variation in Human Skin Color? PLOS Biology 1(1): 119-122 Hochedlinger, K.2010. Your Inner Healers: A Look into the Potential of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Scientific American 302(5):47-53. Hall, S. S. 2011. Diseases in a Dish. Scientific American 304(3):40-45 Jain, R. K.2008. Taming Vessels to Treat Cancer. Scientific American 298(1):56-63. McGhee, J. R. and J. Fujihash. 2012. Inside the Mucosal Immune System. PLOS Biology 10(9):1-5 Sharpe, P. T. and C. S. Young.2005. Test-Tube Teeth. Scientific American 293(2):32-41 Write 5-page review paper – Primary reference – 3 supplementary references Working with the literature – Thorough search of literature on topic · – Followed by careful reading and selective note taking · – Focused synthesis of primary literature • Research papers published in journals • Government or technical reports • Conference proceedings · – Start with textbooks or general articles for lay readers · Literature Cited · Harvard-style method in body of paper · • Last name of author(s) and year · • Huerta (1960) conducted the first laboratory studies of this phenomenon…. – Journal article with one author · • Straus, D. C. 1982. Protease production by Streptococcus sanguisassociated with subacute bacterial endocarditis. Infect Immun. 38(3):1037- 1045

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