Posted: November 16th, 2016

Which dietary practices may help Clyde prevent cardiovascular disease?

Clyde, a 30-year-old marketing executive, has been reading a great deal lately about the Human Genome Project. Modern science is offering new opportunities to anyone who wishes to know about the genetic predispositions they have to certain diseases. Clyde has learned that modern genetic screenings validate many people’s predictions based on their family histories. Motivated by his recent reading, Clyde researches his family history and develops a list of possible health concerns. Unfortunately for Clyde, the list of possible health complications is rather lengthy. All of Clyde’s family members are overweight, including Clyde. Many of his relatives have high blood pressure. Hypertension led to his grandfather’s heart attack, and two of Clyde’s uncles have Type 2 diabetes. Clyde is most concerned about his genetic predisposition to colorectal cancer. Several cousins were diagnosed with this cancer while in their thirties. Clyde knows that thousands of people die each year from cancer, and decides that it is not too late to change his dietary habits in order to minimize his apparent genetic susceptibilities. Clyde is now devoted to eating right and exercising. He restricts his caloric intake and exercises for 30 minutes 5 days per week. Clyde has always been slightly overweight, but now is very fit and able to maintain his ideal body weight. He also gets regular cholesterol screenings and limits the amount of meat he eats to help lower his cholesterol and saturated fat intake. Clyde used to drink wine or beer most nights at dinner, but now he no longer drinks more than three alcoholic drinks per week. He has never smoked, but now avoids even being around those who do. Clyde drastically limits the amount of salt he eats, while adding a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables to his previously high protein, meat-based diet. He now eats fish regularly, and incorporates garlic or cinnamon into most of his meals. Finally, he no longer spends his summer weekends working on his tan. Assignment: The analysis of this Clyde’s eating habits is one of the assignments to turn into your instructor this week. Please answer each of the following questions in the text box provided. Make sure you type the question before each response. Which dietary practices may help Clyde prevent cardiovascular disease? Which of Clyde’s practices may help prevent hypertension? How can diet and lifestyle help prevent cancer? Which dietary practices may help prevent diabetes? What herbal medicines does Clyde incorporate in his diet and what are their possible effects?

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