Posted: December 18th, 2016

Description/Ascertainment of Cohort

Article Citation in APA format: Research Question: Health Outcome of Interest: Exposure(s) of Interest: Type of Study (please indicate whether this is a prospective (concurrent) or retrospective (non-concurrent) or ambidirectional study: Description/Ascertainment of Cohort: Data Collection at Baseline: Type, Frequency and Duration of Follow-Up (indicate something about loss to follow-up and any efforts that were made to minimize loss to follow-up and include information on the characteristics of those who were lost to follow-up and comment on why this is important): Type of Data Analysis (include measure of association used): Results/Main Findings of Study: Assessment of Bias (selection and information): Assessment of Confounders: Comments: This is a template for a cohort study, the article has been attached. Please answer th questions listed in the template

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