Posted: November 19th, 2020

Care of the Aging : 3 Successful Strategies

Patient Gender Medical condition Situation 69-year oldFemaleDiabetes and heart diseasePatient has fallen 3 times in Nursing Home 95-year oldMaleDepression and anorexiaPatient is forgetful and lives alone 73-year oldTransgenderBPH with hematuria Patient has stage 4 Cancer

Care of the Aging

102-year oldStage 3 Decubitus ulcer and HOHPatient is widowed and lives in ALF 87-year old Non-Hispanic WhiteAlzheimer’s disease with new dentures Patient is currently employed supporting a family 61-year old HispanicArthritis and new colostomyPatient is homeless  

African AmericanHistory of Tuberculosis and is legally blindPatient just arrived to the United States and has no health insurance  Asian Bipolar and is a smoker of 2 packs of cigarettes a day Patient lives his son and 3 grandchildren  WhiteDeaf and mute newly diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia

Care of the Aging : Patient lives in acute care facility  – care of the aging. Pacific Islander Left BKA and PTSD Patient is wheelchair bound living at home alone Pick a client/ Patient from above ^Research and organize literature for the Interdisciplinary paper. Incorporate health outcomes of the health promotion, detection of disease and disease prevention.

Organize an interdisciplinary plan of care for your client and the delivery of safe and effective care. Choose a disease process and apply standards that are evidenced based which help support for the protection of your client. Incorporate concepts from Care of the Aging weekly powerpoints

and the book-Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging (Toughy & Jett, 2018).Paper should be 3 pages not including title and reference page. So 5 Pages including title page and reference pagePaper should follow APA guidelines with a minimum of 5 references within 5 year span.

care of the aging
Shot of a young nurse helping a senior man get up from a wheelchair in a retirement home

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