Posted: January 15th, 2018

Breast self examination (BSE) is 1 of the important ways to detect breast cancer earlier.

Breast self examination (BSE) is one of the ways to detect breast cancer earlier.

breast self examination

The nurse is conducting a health teaching to female clients in a clinic. During evaluation the clients are asked to state what they learned. Which of the following statement made by a client needs further teaching about BSE?

A. “BSE is done after menstruation.”
B. “BSE palpation is done by starting at the center going to the periphery in a circular motion.”
C. “BSE can be done in either supine or standing position.”
D. “BSE should start from age 20.”

breast self examination
Midsection of a woman pointing to a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on her Tshirt isolated over pastel pink background. Healthcare, people, charity and medicine concept.

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