Posted: January 17th, 2018

Alcoholics Anonymous : 5 Important Signs that it is important to take the program

During a home visit to a family of three: a mother, father, and their child, The mother tells the community nurse that the father (who is not present) had hit the child on several occasions when he was drinking.

The mother further explains that she has talked her husband into going to Alcoholics Anonymous and asks the nurse not to interfere, so her husband won’t get angry and refuse treatment.

Which of the following is the best response of the nurse?

A. The nurse agrees not to interfere if the husband attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that evening.
B. The nurse commends the mother’s efforts and agrees to let her handle things.
C. The nurse commends the mother’s efforts and also contacts protective services.
D. The nurse confronts the mother’s failure to protect the child.

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