Posted: November 19th, 2016

In 150 words or more in paragraph form, discuss vitamin fortification of foods.

In 150 words or more in paragraph form, discuss vitamin fortification of foods. Questions to Answer and What I Expect: Find a food that is fortified with at least three vitamins by reading the ingredients list on the food label. Answer the following questions: Review the definition and discussion of food fortification and food enrichment in the text. Search Google images for your food or beverage item that includes the ingredients list and copy and paste this graphic into your discussion post. Tell us what vitamin(s) are fortified in your item. Check your textbook and tell us if there is a UL for this vitamin (s). Is this food fortification government-mandated or food industry driven? Discuss the benefits of government-mandated food fortification and the potential problems with food industry driven food-fortification. Do you feel that this food belongs in a healthy diet? Substantiate your opinion with specific attributes of this food. Tell us why you would, or would not include this food in a healthy diet. What I expect: Answer every part of the question above with insight and analysis. Defend your statements with at least three references from the textbook, using APA style. Follow APA style for references. Help with APA style can be found on pantherweb under library tips and tutorials:

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